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Saving Articles

There is nothing worse than finding that perfect article, then accidentally losing it and never being able to find it again. Here is a short list of ways you can save your articles.

Download a PDF

One of the ways to have your articles for future reference is to download the PDF. Once you've clicked on the article title in the database, you will see this option to the left of the article:

Click on "PDF Full Text" which will open the article in full. From there, you can click on the down arrow to the right to save the article to your device.


Permalink is one of the best ways to save and share your articles. Note that this is not the same as copying the link in the URL bar at the top of the page. The URL will not redirect you back to your article, so make sure you use one of the three methods highlighted on this page. 

When you clink on an article, you will see a box of tools appear to the left. The very last option is permalink:

Once you clink on Permalink, a green URL will appear just above the article title:

This link can be copied and shared, and will always bring you back to this article in the database.

EBSCO Host Folder

To save your articles using the folder option, first run a search. To the right, you will see a little blue folder: 

Click on the blue folder with a plus sign, and it will change to yellow. This will tell you that the article has been saved to the folder: 

These saved searches can be accessed by clicking on the folder button in the blue header at the very top of the page. These will only be temporary, so be warned! To keep your saved articles safe, Sign In using the Sign In option directly to the left of the Folder.

You will be greeted with a Welcome back screen. If this is your first time, use the sign up link directly under the "Welcome back" message. This is free and will only take a moment. 

Once you are in your Folder, you will be able to create custom folders and share those folders with others. 

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