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About EDD Program

The Doctoral Scholarly Project in the Ed.​D.​ Programs at Nebraska Methodist College is an applied translational research project that investigates an important question within the fields of education, healthcare, business, policy, and/or population health. The project experience includes six basic phases: developing of the project question, synthesizing the literature to answer the question, building a project proposal, implementing the project, evaluating the project results and disseminating the project. Ed.​D.​ students draw on their experience and educational coursework leading up to the Doctoral Scholarly Project. Students are encouraged to complete Doctoral Scholarly Projects that align with their career passions. All projects secure a practice partner in the project setting to facilitate sustained change within those settings. All project proposals and final project reports are reviewed by a doctoral faculty team to ensure the project has the robustness and rigor expected of a doctoral student. Project final reports are written utilizing the SQUIRE 2.​0 Guidelines to facilitate dissemination and publication. The Ed.​D.​ Doctoral Scholarly Project prepared graduates to be leaders, innovative change agents, and effective team members in their chosen profession.

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